Thursday, January 7, 2010

Pointless digital innovations: 2009

Most newspapers ended last year with the annual rounding-up of the best of 2009 – films, albums, music videos, technology, books, and television shows. But one area of culture, which is expanding its reach exponentially, eluded their beady eyes: the utterly pointless but incredibly fun digital innovations and creations of 2009.

But in our age of citizen journalism, there is always someone out there ready to plug in the hole left behind by the reviled MSM. In this case, it was a bunch of digital creatives sitting in their laidback-to-the-extreme studio space in, you’ve guessed it, Old Street.

Their list can be accessed here – and it includes such gems as Bakertweet, an application for bakeries to autotweet every time a fresh stack of breads comes out of the oven, or creation of Cockney language option for cash machines (I’m serious!), an entire music video created by digitally placing the artists on google maps, and a blog called I hate my parents to paste pictures of all those ridiculous things our parents forced us to do.

How did I zero-in on this site out of the gazillion floating around in cyberspace? Through a traditional tabloid paper they published for promotional purposes and left at a rather hideous American-style café near their office called The Diner. In fact, the paper is more fun than the website because it includes bit-sized irony-filled explanations to each of the entries. The website merely lists them.

Sigh! There are certain things that only old-style newspapers can do. Reaching out to a cross-section of people outside your little world is one of them.

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