Friday, February 12, 2010

The Year through a Kaleidoscope

The World Press Photo Awards for 2010 have been announced. Started in 1955 by a group of Dutch photographers, the annual award has become the most coveted in the field of photojournalism. The winning entries are also exhibited across 45 countries through the year so as to maximise the opportunity for people to view them no matter which part of the world they live in. This year the tour will cover countries ranging from the usual suspects such as The Netherlands, Germany and the US to such far flung corners as Zimbabwe, Tunisia and Ukraine.

One reason why I never miss going through the catalogue of winners each year (in person if possible, otherwise over the internet) is because it is like looking at the world last year through a kaleidoscope. Some events you couldn't help but know of, others may ring a bell, and then there are those that come as a complete surprise. For example, the drought in Kenya last year, a photo of which won Stefano De Luigi the first prize in the contemporary issues category. Or the rioting in Antananarivo, Madagascar in February 2009. Antananarivo? When? Where? What? But now, I will probably look it up.

The photos will be exhibited in Edinburgh, UK between August 3rd and 28th. (And in Perth from 20th March to 18th April, Brisbane from 5th to 27th June, Sydney from July 9th to August 3rd.)

You can hear one of the jury members discuss the winning image here.

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