Thursday, December 3, 2009

Notes from Anti-Universe

The other day Sid and I found ourselves discussing the theory of Universe vs Anti-Universe.

Now, Sid and I live in the Universe and find Sarah Palin too mean-spirited, ignorant, incoherent and irrational to ever be elected the President of the United States of America. The thought itself is illogical, puzzling and not just a little laughable.

But there are people who want just that – very ardently. So they must live in Anti-Universe where an equal and opposite logic must apply. This video gives us a glimpse into the tenets of anti-universe.


jaimit said...

dubya was elected, right? and then voted back... anything goes... it ceases to surprise... to borrow from obelix- 'the romans are crazy'

globalbabble said...

I think compared to Sarah Palin, Dubya was an intellectual. He could actually construct sentences, you know.

And whatever he was, he was not mean spirited. Palin is this frightening combination of righteousness and viciousness.