Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fall of the Titans

First, Brown and Co announced a super tax on banker bonuses.

Then, Sarkozy gleefully signed a deal with Brown to do the same in France.

Today, Obama called the heads of the top 9 American banks to candidly discuss their obtuseness.

If bankers are in any more doubts about their dizzying unpopularity - here's Guardian reporting on how cleaners are economically worth more to British society than its bankers.

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jaimit said...

the guardian article states "Elite City bankers (earning £1m plus bonuses) destroy £7 of value for every £1 they create and advertising executives wreck £11 of value for every £1 they are paid". that's an interesting perspective considering that I am a city banker working in the advertising and marketing space.
for the record - they might not be that wrong :)