Friday, February 13, 2015

The Tale of Chook-Chook, Dorius and the Pink Lion

Last Monday, as soon my 3-year-old daughter got into the car on our way back from daycare, she said: "Dorius hit me." I inquired into it, and she insisted that some boy called Dorius had hit her on the head. I spoke to the carer in charge of her room the next morning, and she said she would find out and report to me in the evening. 
No one had seen Dorius hit my girl. So it must have been a minor skirmish. But what the carer said about my Chook-Chook gave me immense reassurance. She said Chook-Chook is an amiable girl but she never lets any other child get rough with her. In a firm voice, she will tell them "Don't do it. I don't like it." It is enough to dissuade most kids. I know she was speaking the truth because she has used that phrase in front of me before. 
If she can keep up this attitude, I know she will do alright for herself.
I must be doing something right as a mother. 
To mark this episode, Chook-Chook and I made this pink lion today. Indeed, she is my little lion in pink.

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