Friday, February 13, 2015

Bra basics: Or how Gaultier became a part of my life

I loved this dress made out of a garbage bag by Jean Paul Gaultier which I recently saw at a retrospective of his works. (No. 3 on the slide show)
It accompanied his other creations like denim ball gown, an evening gown in military camouflage, a dress with its own faux tits and pubic hair (I kid you not) and of course, the conical bra that Madonna wore during her Blonde ambition tour.
It also finally dawned on me that it is thanks to Gaultier that we women have become so cool about our bras peeping out of our dresses. It was Gualtier's famous conical bras that finally destroyed the "hush-hush" associated with it. He made exaggerated gorgeous bras and put them before our tops. He made us confront them, and suddenly they became just another piece of clothing. 
Thank you Gaultier. I may have never worn one of your creations. But you have made your presence felt in my life.

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