Sunday, September 12, 2010

Commonwealth Games: Or why Madhu Sapre should be the final relay runner of the Queen's Baton

And she learnt never to be honest again!
Sid’s Dad called, and we all started talking about the Commonwealth Games. Specifically about what are we going to do with all the stadiums after the Games are over? After all, it is a well-known fact that Indians don’t do sports; at least not the kind that require any physical exertion – like, horror, horror, running! My bet ison the stadiums turning into venues for those overblown Delhi weddings.

The discussion made me think of the last Indian who showed any passion for athletics and paid a heavy price for it: Madhu Sapre, the first Indian model of any consequence. The year was 1992, the venue was the Ms Universe Contest and Ms Sapre – then a lissome 21-year-old Mumbaikar full of rough edges (complete with a Dadar accent) – was the first Indian contestant to make it to the final round. Unfortunately, she managed to goof it up by actually being honest. When asked what she would change if she was the prime minister of the country for a year, she replied that she would improve the sports facilities available in the country. It was a practical, doable, and an honest opinion coming from her heart – after all, she was the daughter of an athlete and an athlete herself. Unfortunately, as her answer didn’t include any obscure references to world poverty and world peace, she lost.

I think Ms Sapre – who now lives in Italy with her ice-cream making husband – should be given the honour of being the final relay runner with the Queen’s baton. Think about it, she is glamorous, good looking and she once paid a big price for siding herself with the athletes of India. Now that her dream is close to reality, this is the least we could do.

Here’s a grainy video of the final round of that momentous contest with the winsome Ms Sapre so innocently talking about her life and dreams. She actually sounded real and non-plastic. Those were the days.


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sam said...

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zaphod beeblebrox said...

Heh, brings back memories from teh early 90s. Madhu Sapre docked cos she was honest, and Namrata Shirodkar docked cos she was photographed with flaky nail-polish.

jaimit said...

I remember seeing it live. At the time i thought what she said was super. then i was lead to believe by everyone that it was the worst answer in history.
now that you remind me of the answer, yes, of the three answers, that seemed like the most practical answer. but i guess people want leaders to give speeches of hope and inspiration. ano Nobody really expects them to implement practical ideas.

Anonymous said...

no no not madhu please, she is almost scary now :)

globalbabble said...

Hi there,

Is she scary now? Dunno, haven't seen her recently, but she used to be gorgeous!