Monday, April 12, 2010

Mumbai vs Melbourne

Do the cities we grow up in continue to live inside us, long after we have left them?
Sid and I just returned from a trip to our respective homelands: Mumbai and Melbourne. And if the answer to the above question is yes, our unborn children are in trouble. 
Were there ever two cities more differently conceived? It was schizophrenic travelling from Mumbai’s crowds, claustrophobia, chaos, and perpetual panic to Melbourne’s order, antiseptic emptiness and overwhelming leisure. Perhaps, that is why I am so impatient and rushed all the time, and Sid so calm and zen.
I remember the first time I had visited Melbourne, I had kept complaining to Sid that the silence was buzzing in my ears. Wisely, he hadn't revealed to me then that Richmond, where his house is, is one of the busiest neighourhoods of Melbourne. Coming so soon, it would have certainly marked the end of our fledgling relationship.
Perhaps, London marks a happy medium for both of us. It is nice to be home.
It is also nice to return to a new job– my first in London – with a documentary filmmaker.Let the adventures begin....

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richa said...

Congratulation, so you would be in action now, after a good break:).Best wishes and love.