Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Kafka Presidency

Every time I begin attempting to comprehend the EU and its activities, I feel like I am entering a Kafka novel – The Trial to be exact.

It all starts with Hewitt’s column on the BBC today on the upcoming appointment of EUs “face on the world stage” as he called it. However, he completely missed out mentioning what exact designation was up for grabs. How peculiar?

So I type in “EU” and “presidency” – and google away.

This must be it: I find myself reading about the “Presidency of the Council of the European Union (commonly referred to as presidency of the European Union)”. However, this six-month president’s primary responsibility is to organise and chair all meetings of the Council. This is it! Is this what Tony Blair was chasing so hard?

Of course, not. (Besides, this Presidency is already full till Dec 2010.)

I google again – this time adding the “EU Commission” to the list. Isn’t that the executive body of the EU? The presidency must have something to do with it.

The “President of the EU Commission” comes up, which is the described as the most powerful office in the EU. Yes! I have finally hit the nail on the head. But wait a minute. José Manuel Barroso of Portugal is sitting pretty on this seat till the next five years.

This couldn’t be it.

I google again, throwing in “Tony Blair” into the fray this time.

The President of the European Council comes up (with the helpful hint that he shouldn't be confused with the "President of the European Parliament"). But wait a minute! Haven’t I already read about him? No, no no, that was the President of the Council of European Union.

The president of the European Council, the president of the European parliament, the president of the European Union commission, president of the council of European Union, the president of the EU council of parliaments, the president of the council of European commissions, the president....

I am confused, suffocated, in a state of mild panic and switch to AbFAb videos on You Tube.

When Nick Griffin was elected to the EU parliament, a shiver had run through my spine. Was the UK turning racist? My fears were utterly misplaced. It was just the best way the British people could think of shutting him up – by sending him to Kafkaland. What better punishment than that?


Perhaps, Max Seddon can find another similie to his description of Korina's installation. If you are looking for a somewhat shapeless, many tentacled creature why not the EU?

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