Thursday, November 26, 2009

2012: The Scariest Moment

The chilliest moment for me while watching 2012 came 40 minutes into the film when the theatre screen suddenly went off and a mechanical voice called us to attention asking us to quietly make our way out. Everyone started looking around in confusion and not-just-a-little alarm. It was the as if all the while we had been watching the comic apocalypse in the film, unaware to us, it had been turning into terrifying reality outside.

It turned out to be a mere power cut at the Vue Cinema in Islington, where Sid and I were watching the film.

As it is, the unscheduled power cut also turned out to be the only unexpected moment of a film so utterly predictable that I found myself wishing that human race does get polished-off by the end of the film – just to give me that one moment of satisfying surprise.

PS: Did the industrious Jimmy Mistry take special lessons from Apu Nahasapeemapetilon on the Indian accent for 2012? I guess nobody told him that Apu is a cartoon character for a reason.

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