Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Heathrow's breakdown

Snowed in for Christmas
I was meant to fly to India for a short Christmas break today. Only I am not. Because it snowed over the weekend, and clearly that was too much for one of the world’s oldest and busiest international airports of one of the world’s richest countries to handle.

Heathrow isn’t the only transport link to be affected. Eurostar is working on reduced capacity and is urging people to cancel bookings. Trains all around the country have been affected with more than seven to eight hour delays and cancellation.

Mind you, no sudden volcanoes have erupted anywhere this time. No, no, no. It is just snow in a country far up in the northern hemisphere where snow is not unusual. It snowed last year as well, and we faced the similar chaos (with BA workers threatening to go on strike just to add to the fun).

Why doesn’t the government just say it upfront: please don’t travel during December, we can't handle it. It might be Christmas and it might be holiday time, but really, if you travel, it is your problem. We can’t be bothered. We’ll make all the right noises -- listen to BAA CEO's  useless apologies -- but not the right choices.

It is like living in India again! Only without the warmth of the climate or the people.


Prerna said...

Such a shame! Hope u get to travel to India soon. We are due to fly out end of the month... with the "big freeze", i wonder how... Btw what did they call it last year? "big bolt out of the blue?"

globalbabble said...

Thanks... spent eight hours at the airport yesterday. And couldn't get any clarity. There are so many mixed messages... But only the people from the cancelled flights were affected - everyone else was just fine!

Prerna said...

Heya! got your msg. nope still in India; back on the 20th. Hope things are well with you! Just curious, what exactly WAS the dream! :D Btw, you can reach me on prerna.uppal@gmail.com
Hope to hear from you and sleep well!