Friday, August 13, 2010

Policing the poll: Or an update on the great Indian passport debate

Courtsey: The American Culture
Two day ago, I wrote a blog about how Sid says that Indian passports should be divided into two categories: Passport A & B – with one having more rights than others.

I put up his very undemocratic sounding idea up for a democratic vote, and much to my surprise – four people actually voted. The result like most things Indian is complicated. We have a tie with two votes in favour and two against.

Now, one vote I know is from Sid – trying to rig the poll in his favour. But I have no idea who the other three are.

Please stand up and identify yourself. The comment floor is yours to say why you think it is a bad or a good idea. I swear you won't have Sid running after you with a stick!


Swati said...

I swear , I was just thinking;never posted! Please don't jail!!! :-)

liz said...


For a population of over 1 billion, I thought a reward system would be good thing to have. If we can punish bad behaviour, why not reward the good ones?

globalbabble said...

Hey Liz,

May your tribe increase...