Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Romancing the Indian way

Karan Johar is appalled by the way the American authorities treated his friend Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan - daring to question him at the Newark Airport. After all, as Shahane in his latest blog Shoot First, Mumble Later points out, Johar has always been so kind in his intelligent and nuanced potrayals of western cultures.

That reminded me of another "pure Punjab vs wicked West" film, Namastey London, that I had the honour of reviewing for Time Out Mumbai a few years ago.

Needleless to say, Punjab came out toppers. But what really struck me about the film was the director Vipul Shah's idea of how Indian men should woo women (NRI or otherwise): apparently it involves leering at them frankly and aggressively, accosting them in a drunk state in the night, and giggling idiotically when talking to them. Treating them with respect or acting like intelligent beings around them is overrated.

The movie was a thunderous hit. No wonder, Indian men think sexual aggression is a perfectly acceptable part of romance.

If only, western men would take a few lessons from their pure-bred counterparts in Punjab.

Leering is sexy:
Accosting is macho:
Idiocy is attractive:
Review on Time Out Mumbai:

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