Sunday, January 25, 2009

Anil Kapoor in trouble: Or should we say it's a dog's life?

The Time magazine website reports that 40 slum dwellers are protesting outside Anil Kapoor's house holding banners reading "I am not a dog". They, of course, are referring to the title of the Academy award nominated film Slumdog Millionaire in which Kapoor plays a role.

And far away in Patna, another slum dweller has sued the Indian cast and crew of the movie, for offending slum dwellers with the title. As the article reports, "He said he didn't expect any better of the British persons associated with the film because their ancestors called Indians "dogs" anyway, but the Indians should've known better."

I wish some of this delicious black comedy of life in India had percolated into Boyle's earnest film.

As another Bollywoodian Sohail Khan would say: I... Proud to be an Indian


pronoti said...

It's actually the ridiculous reactions to slumdog that are more entertaining than the film itself. I've been making notes for a piece on my opinion that Indians don't have a sense of humour. These instances are going to feature in it.

globalbabble said...

Giggle... I know. I had such a laugh when I read that article. Here was Boyle, thinking that he has finally brought the plight of the slumdweller to international attention... but then, he doesn't know India, does he?